Zatarain's® Sides Mango Habanero Rice & Quinoa Whole Grain Blends 6.2 oz. Box

Zatarain's® A New Orleans Tradition Whole Grain Blends Mango Habanero Rice & Quinoa Habanero is a variety of chili pepper believed to have originated in the Amazon basin. The pepper has since become a common ingredient in dishes throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean. Our Mango Habanero Whole Grain Blend packs a touch of heat from this pepper with sweet, juicy mango into a delicious blend of brown rice and quinoa. Zatarain's® Whole Grain Blends Mango Habanero Rice & Quinoa Zatarain's has been the leader in authentic New Orleans style food since 1889. So when you want great flavor, Jazz it Up with Zatarain's! A New Orleans Tradition