Whoppers Candy, Robin Eggs 9 Oz

If you're preparing Easter baskets for co-workers, family members and friends this holiday season, look no further for the perfect Easter candy treat. These certified kosher WHOPPERS Robin Eggs are a classic for a reason. Delightfully crisp malted milk candies in speckled pastel shells have the crunch and flavor everyone hopes to find in their Easter baskets and egg hunts. These eggs are packaged in adorable spring-themed bags for easy storing and lasting freshness. Pass them out on their own, place them in baskets or fill your home and work candy dishes with the candies inside. No matter what you decide to do with this bag of WHOPPERS Robin Eggs Easter candy, it's sure to bring about the Easter spirit in no time. Pack some malted candy in your lunch box and snack drawer for an easy grab-and-go treat ready for wherever the day takes you. Hosting a movie night? Try arriving with a bag of WHOPPERS you can share with the group. After all, Peter Cottontail just wouldn't be the same without a delectable Easter candy classic nearby.