Topcare Health Stomach Relief, Chewables, Regular Strength, Tablets

Bismuth Subsalicylate 262 mg. Upset stomach reliever. Antidiarrheal. Compare to Pepto-Bismol active ingredient (This product is not manufactured or distributed by Procter & Gamble, owner of the registered trademark Pepto-Bismol). Our pharmacists recommend. Protective coating action. 5 Symptom Digestive Relief: Heartburn. Indigestion. Upset stomach. Nausea. Diarrhea. Quality Guaranteed: This TopCare product is laboratory tested or guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Questions or comments? 1-888-423-0139. Other information: Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine 1.1 mg per tablet calcium content per tablet: 73 mg. Save carton for full directions and warnings. Store at room temperature 15 degrees - 30 degrees C (59 degrees - 86 degrees F). Do not use if cellophane unit is torn.