Tia Cristina Flour Tortilla

No preservatives added. Ready to cook. From a Traditional Mexican Recipe: When the creator of Tortilla Traditional de la Tia Cristina came to the United States, she started making her traditional family tortilla recipe for her family and friends. Word spread quality about the excellent flavor and convenience of her tortillas, and soon her labor of love became a successful business. Since 1994, the recipe is still the same. No chemical preservatives or enhancers are used in preparing Tortilla Traditional de la Tio Cristina. The result is the delicious flavor of a homemade tortilla cooked in a traditional Mexican Home. In Mexico, tradition says if your tortillas puff when you cook them your mother-in-law loves you. When you cook our tortillas, your whole family will love you! Just follow these simple instructions. Go Texan. www.la-abuela.com. For more recipes go to www.la-abuela.com. Made in USA.