Sun Zero Window Panel, Mocha, Room Darkening, 84 Inch

40 in W x 84 in L (102 cm x 213 cm). Energy saving. Thermal insulated. Noise reducing. Light block meter. One grommet panel. 2 - Room Darkening Ideal for: Blocking out some light. Room darkening panel. Thermal Insulated: Sun Zero thermal insulated curtains are backed with a coated layer to increase insulation against heat & cold. Curtains are laboratory tested to block up to 98% of outside light (Light blocking performance varies by product color). Grommet Top: Metal grommets are easy to hang and style, easy to open and close. Use a decorative curtain rod up to 1.5 in diameter. Machine washable! Window Widths: Up to 29 inch Wide: 1 panel you will need. 30 to 39 inch: 1 or 2 panel you will need. 40 to 48 inch: 2 panel you will need. 49 to 72 inch: 3 panel you will need. 73 to 96 inch: 4 panel you will need. 97 to 120 inch: 5 panel you will need. 121 to 144 inch: 6 panel you will need. Made in China.