Sugar In The Raw Liquid Turbinado Cane

Sugar In The Raw Liquid Turbinado Cane. Limited Warranty For Consumers. Good Housekeeping. Replacement or Refund if Defective. Dissolves Instantly in Cold Beverages. Sugar In The Raw Liquid Turbinado Cane is a hearty companion for the strongest of drinks. Its natural character captures the first pressing of sugar cane by retaining a rich, sweet molasses taste. Try it with your favorite espresso drink, iced tea or iced coffee. 12.5 Fl Oz. (375 ml). Dissolves instantly in iced drinks or hot beverages. It has a clean, pure taste that you just can't get from granulated sugar. For all inquiries call toll free 1-800-611-7434 or write to: Sugar in the Raw, Consumer Inquiry Dept., 2 Cumberland Street, Brooklyn, New York 11205. Please include production code # and 10 digit UPC # with all inquiries.