Stōk™ Yerba Mate Slightly Sweet Cold-Brew Tea 48 fl. oz. Bottle

75% More CaffeineThis tea is STOK'd up. Our black tea and yerba mate blend delivers 75% more caffeine than standard ready-to-drink black tea.† Less than Half the SugarSTOK Tea is slightly sweet with a carefully considered 13 grams of cane sugar. That's less than half the sugar of the leading ready-to-drink sweetened teas.†† Cold-Brew TasteIt all comes down to taste, right? And it turns out that when you mix cold-brew black tea and yerba mate, it's pretty amazing. Sip and see for yourself. Curiosity Over ConventionTea is ancient, complex and interesting, with a lot of details to geek out about. So of course we're all over it. Our curiosity about the yerba mate plant has turned into full-blown admiration. Legendary in South America, brews from yerba mate deliver a kick that's stronger than most teas yet gentler than coffee. It's the perfect partner for our cold-brew black tea. Count on STOK™ Tea to jumpstart your day—or night—with a unique taste that's not too sweet. Better is always out there, waiting to be created.We're on it. Low & Slow™ Black Tea Powered by Yerba Mate Look at You Go.™