Stella Artois® Lager, 10 Pack 15 fl. oz. Cans

At Stella Artois, we are extremely proud of our Belgian heritage. By 1366, the roots of our brewing tradition had been established in Leuven, Belgium, where the original Den Hoorn brewery was founded. Den Hoorn laid the foundation for the quality taste that Stella Artois is known for, and the symbol of the Den Hoorn Brewery is proudly displayed in Stella Artois' cartouche to this day. Sebastian Artois later purchased the Den Hoorn brewery and, in memoriam, you can find his last name on the brewery and every bottle of Stella Artois around the world. The Artois Brewery was so beloved that a special batch of beer was created as a Christmas gift to the people of Leuven. That special batch was the first to officially include "Stella" in the name. "Stella," meaning star in Latin, pays homage to this original occasion, accompanied by a star on every bottle. So the next time you see a bottle of Stella Artois, take note of the storied history and rich flavor in every bottle. With its wonderful floral aroma, well-balanced malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and soft dry finish, Stella Artois is the perfect beer to pair with food or to simply enjoy. Stella Artois is the #1 selling Belgian beer in the world. Brewed in Belgium ABV: 5% Pairs well with steak, mussels, and chocolate desserts