Special K Cereal, Strawberry & Vanilla 13.3 oz

Bring a decadent treat to the breakfast table with Kellogg's Special K Strawberry and Vanilla cereal. Enjoy two different flake varieties in one bowl to deliver that sweet strawberry vanilla flavored indulgence. Each bite combines sweet flavor on crunchy toasted flakes, plus creamy vanilla flavored oat clusters. The cereal turns milk deliciously sweet for an added treat. Made with 20g of whole grain per serving; Plus, every serving provides a good source of fiber, a good source of 11 vitamins and minerals, and is low fat. This cereal tastes great beyond breakfast, too. Sprinkle some over yogurt for a between-meal snack. Add dairy or nut-milk to indulge late-night cravings. Kids and adults both love the taste of crunchy cereal with tasty, creamy strawberry flavor paired with your favorite milk. Morning time or any time, Kellogg's Special K Strawberry and Vanilla cereal delivers a touch of fruity sweetness and a rich, creamy sensation the whole family will love.