Solo Whoopie Do! S'mores Whoopie Pie Mix

Solo. Share our strength's. Great American Bakesale. No kid hungry. Whoopie do! For classic whoopie pies. Fun to make! Fun to eat! Includes: Chocolate cake mix. Toasted creme filling. Graham crumbs. Makes 6 big whoopie pies. S'mores. A taste to remember! A never-fail delight to the Amish since the beginning of time, it is hard to beat the rich taste and tradition of Whoopie pies. A delicious treat for adults and kids a like, this classic snack cake really lives up to its name, coined by Amish farmers who would find them in their lunch box and yell, "Whoopie!" With its heavenly creme filling sandwiched between two super-moist chocolate cakes, Whoopie Do! offers an irresistible home-made goodness that prepackaged snacks just can't match. If you were lucky enough to grow up with these new England treats, Whoopie Do! has the taste you'll remember. But if you've never had a Whoopie pie before ... a new tradition is about to begin! Snap, upload & win $1,000! Picture contest. Filling made with real solo toasted marshmallow creme! Visit: for details. 2011 Sokol and Company.