Skittles Candies, Original, Bite Size 1.9 oz

What can get smaller, but still hold a huge punch of fruity flavor? SKITTLES Littles! SKITTLES Little is a mini twist to the classic 'Taste the Rainbow' chewy candy. Pop the top of this candy tube to enjoy the strawberry, lemon, lime, grape, and orange assorted flavors SKITTLES original is loved for. The resealable mega tube keeps these tiny chewy candy fresh and easy to pass around. With the flick of the top, share SKITTLES Candy Littles with friends as you listen to music or while scrolling your favorite timeline. This fruit candy is also perfect for sharing with family while enjoying a movie night or making and decorating desserts. Taste the Rainbow now and save some for later. Order your tube of SKITTLE Littles chewy candy assortment today for delivery, curbside, or pickup.