Simple Seed White Rice, Organic, Long Grain

Certified Gluten-Free. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Non GMO Project verified. Fuel for change. We're all for change. Changes in the way we eat, the way we farm and the way we all live. Organic doesn't just happen, at least not anymore. Now we have to make conscious decisions to do something good for our bodies and to care for the earth. At Simple Seed we grow organic rice without the pesticides, herbicides or additives that take away from its natural goodness and taste. Choosing a healthy lifestyle can be easy; all it takes is one Simple Seed. Wild Alaskan Salmon (sustainably harvested in an eco-friendly manner). Parsley from your garden. Make your main course more Simple Seed compatible and choose a sustainably raised protein. Add fresh, locally grown veggies and herbs from your garden and you've got yourself a delicious dinner. Start simple - Choose the paper bag option when bagging at your local grocer. Better yet make the gratifying investment in a reusable cloth one that can be taken everywhere. Check out our website and get one today! Make the office more energy efficient and avoid placing heat-producing equipment, like computers, near air conditioning sensors that may trigger unnecessary cooling. The best thing you can do for the earth is to take action and get involved; plant a garden, plant a tree, join a group, vote, learn, speak out. With Simple Seed rice you've already taken a sign, now how far will it take you? Just by picking up this package you've taken a step in the direction. When you buy Simple Seed rice, you're supporting the domestic sustainable farming community. Purchasing from local growers eliminates unnecessary food miles and ensures that you are eating only the freshest rice. Our hand-selected group of farmers works closely with us to guarantee that the only ingredient in our organic rice is indeed organic rice. Grown in the USA.