Schultz African Violet Plus, 8-14-9, Concentrate

Micronutrients. Liquid plant food. A special plant food for African violets & other blooming plants. Just 7 drops per quart water for beautiful plants! Easy-to-measure dropper. In nature, African violets obtain their food from a nutrient-rich environment which is continuously being replenished by nature's cycle. However, African violets grown indoors depend on you to provide these nutrients. Feeding with Schultz African Violet Plus gives you the joy of knowing your African violets are fed every time you water them. Fertilizing with each watering eliminates the need to remember when you last fed your plants. Schultz African Violet Plus is excellent for all varieties of African violets and other plants in the gesneriad family. It is recommended for use with all types of water and potting soil. Ideal for hydroponic cultures. African violets are one of the most popular blooming houseplants.