Resolve Pet Expert Foam Carpet Cleaner, Heavy Traffic

For easy rug and carpet deep cleaning. Easy clean. Pack includes. Heavy traffic foam carpet cleaner. With odor stop technology. Foaming action removes stains. Health. Hygiene. Home. 5x Benefits vs. vacuuming alone. Removes 5x more dirt. Powers away pet odors. Newer looking carpets. Protects against future dirt. Removes 3x more pet hair. For heavy traffic carpet cleaning. Resolve Easy Clean Brushing Kit is an easy way to deep clean heavy traffic carpet areas - stair landings, corridors, entry ways, area rugs. Resolve Easy Clean Brushing Kit works with 22 oz. Resolve Pet Expert Heavy Traffic Foam (one can included in this pack) and Resolve Heavy Traffic Foam. Ergonomic handle for easy grip and extra comfort. No more scrubbing on your hands and knees. Up to 50 sq. foot area coverage per can. Includes full 22 oz. Resolve Pet Expert Heavy Traffic Foam can. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For more ingredient information visit Can be used with heavy traffic foam carpet cleaner. Gadget made in China.