Reese's Sticks, King Size 4 ea

What more could you want? REESE'S STICKS wafer candy bars have the perfect three ingredients in every single bite — creamy milk chocolate, crispy crunchy wafer bars and lip-licking peanut butter. You can shout for joy anytime you want! You'll enjoy this king-size packs of treats until the last peanut butter bite. Plus, when you buy in bulk, you'll never be short of a delicious pick-me-up at the office, at home or in the car. Give your kids a special treat in their lunchboxes and keep a few for the candy bowl. Celebrate any special event with a a stack of bars or stuff a few in your pantry for fun desserts. You can even stick these chocolate peanut butter wafer bars on top of ice cream or crush them up for a unique baking twist. Top off your homemade fudge with a sprinkle of REESE'S STICKS wafers, mix them in with cookie batters or freeze a couple for a refreshing treat that's extra crunchy. As the holidays roll around, fill your festive candy jars, hand them out to your favorite people or use these peanut butter chocolate candy bars to top up your favorite recipes.