Ray Padula Soaring Waters Sprinkler, Turbine Oscillating

3,600 sq. ft. Deluxe gear design provides reliable. Covers up to a 58 x 62 ft rectangle. 58 ft/17.7 m. 62 ft/18.9 m. Great for large yard watering. Deluxe gear design provides reliable operation season-after-season. Precision brass nozzles allow for an accurate placement of water. Slide adjust collars allow for watering pattern customization. Leak free! Design. Adjustable Pattern Coverage: Easily adjust the watering pattern to your specific yard. H2O Tank: Easily measure how much water is applied while watering. Slide Adjust Collars: It's easy to keep water on only what's meant to grow! Simply slide the pattern adjustment collars to choose from full, center, left, right, or anywhere in-between. End plug can be removed to clean clogged nozzles. 19 precision brass nozzles provide a wind-resistant, accurate watering pattern. Slide adjust collars allow for watering pattern customization. EZGrip swivel coupling. Weighted, modern sled base for easy movement around the yard that resists tipping. Ergonomic base grip for easy carrying around the yard. Turbine gear design for reliable operation season-after-season. Advanced design works with well water. Spray coverage varies by water pressure and flow. 60 PSI - 3,600 sq ft. 40 PSI - 3,000 sq ft. 20 PSI - 2,000 sq ft. Lifetime warranty. raypadula.com. Join us! Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Made in China.