Rana Lasagna, 5 Cheese 12 Oz

Giovanni Rana. Italy's most loved (Based on refrigerated pasta sales in Italy). Ready in 4 minutes. Microwave 4 min. Oven 15 min. I am Giovanni Rana, born in Verona, Italy, and have been passionate about making pasta for all my life. The finest ingredients, together with my experience, make my pasta the no. 1 refrigerated pasta in Italy (Based on refrigerated pasta sales in Italy), I am now proud to be making my recipes in the USA with the same care, so your family can enjoy a special dinner every night. Buon Appetito! - Giovanni Rana. My Five Cheese Lasagna is made with the same love I feel when I cook for my family at home. I love it!- Giovanni Rana. Did you know? In this product there are: No preservatives. No artificial colors. Mozzarella made with whole milk. Juicy Italian tomatoes. A product Rana live life generously. FSC: Mix - Packaging from responsible sources.