Raid® Ant Baits 8 ct Box

Kills ants where they breed. 8 count value pack. Improved station with more openings! This is how Raid Ant Baits III work. 1. Raid Ant Baits III fit snugly in corners and along paths commonly traveled by ants. 2. Ants are attracted to the bait to feed. 3. Ants bait and return to nesting area to die. 4. Bait carried back to the nest continues to kill other ants. 1. Ants crawl in to eat. 2. Crawl away to die. Raid Ant Baits contain abamectin, an ingredient that keeps killing ants nonstop. Raid Ant Baits are so advanced they kill ants where they breed, helping to rid your home of ants for up to three months. Raid Ant Baits may be placed anywhere you've seen ants. Raid Ant Baits are guaranteed to work for even severe bug infestations.