Pyure® Organic Stevia Blend Granular All-Purpose Sweetener 16 oz. Pouch

Healthy choices should taste great! Whether making up a batch of sweet tea or simply enjoying your daily coffee, Pyure® is so tasty and sweet you'll forget sugar was ever an option. Fun Facts about Stevia• Stevia is a highly sustainable plant that is part of the sunflower family.• Native to South America, the stevia plant has been harvested for hundreds of years and now flourishes worldwide.• There are more than 250 species, all with unique traits and flavors.• Pyure uses only the sweetest part of the leaf to ensure a consistently sweet and tasty flavor with no bitterness. Pyure® tastes great in coffee, smoothies, cocktails, fruit salads, cereal, baked goods, yogurt ...and much more! Nature's Sweetest Ingredient™ Perfectly Sweet, No Bitterness Resealable Zipper Highest Quality Organic Stevia Tastes and Feels Just Like Sugar