Purple Seat Cushion, The Ultimate Purple

The ultimate purple. The world's only go anywhere, No pressure seat cushion. Washable cover included. Try me! The ultimate cushion for your bum. Stop sitting on mediocre cushions and go for the best! Purple uses the most advanced comfort technology to keep your backside happy all day. When you sit down, the Purple columns relax, distributing weight around the whole cushion so your booty doesn't get sore after a long day of sitting. Experience a cushion so gentle you can sit on an egg without it breaking. In this box. Ultimate Purple Seat Cushion our most advanced design for advanced comfort needs. Get relief from pressure-absorbing science. The seat cushion that goes wherever you go. Comfort, support and breathability from Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. OnPurple.com. Check out the video at OnPurple.com/seatcushions. Learn more and see our other products at OnPurple.com. Made in the USA.