Purina Pro Plan Pate Wet Kitten Food; FOCUS Salmon & Ocean Fish Entree - 3 oz. Pull-Top Can

Introduce your new kitten to a lifelong love of taste alongside the proper nutrition she needs with Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Salmon & Ocean Fish Entree wet kitten food. The specialized formula is made specifically for kittens, focusing on their unique needs to help them grow into healthy adult cats. Real salmon and ocean fish combine with other quality ingredients in this kitten food for a high-protein dinner to help support her growing body. She loves the taste and the classic texture of this kitten formula, and you love giving her carefully selected ingredients meant to serve a purpose. Because it provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for growing kittens when fed according to their weight, this Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Kitten entree is an ideal option for her daily dinner. Open a can, and welcome your kitten to a focused world of purposeful ingredients tailored to her needs, as well as a taste and texture kittens love. There's never a dull moment with a new kitten in the house, and Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Salmon & Ocean Fish entree wet kitten food provides the specialized nutrition needed to support growing kittens throughout the first year of life. Each meal she eats starts her on her way to becoming an active adult, and this wet kitten food also helps nourish her developing immune system. Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Kitten formula is highly-digestible, provides a great taste cats love and contains the advanced nutrition your kitten needs. This high-quality canned kitten food gives her all the taste and nutrition she loves and needs with a focus on her growth and development. As she grows, search Purina Pro Plan for other recipes that work to support her whole-body health. Fill her bowl with Purina Pro Plan FOCUS kitten foods, available in both wet and dry varieties, which feature DHA for brain and vision development. She'll love the variety of textures, and you'll love the focused formula.Protein is a key source of energy for cats, and this is why all of our Purina Pro Plan formulas are high in protein from quality sources, giving you confidence when feeding your kitten or adult cat. Over 85 years of Purina innovation go into each wet and dry cat food recipe we create, and we're proud to offer over 80 Purina Pro Plan formulas that deliver advanced nutrition and outstanding taste. Our products are trusted and recommended by hundreds of veterinarians, breeders and rescue organizations nationwide, and each formula is manufactured in Purina-owned U.S. facilities so that you know her food comes from a trusted brand. With over 400 on-staff scientists, including nutritionists and veterinarians, Purina is committed to helping your cat thrive. Open a can of Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Salmon & Ocean Fish entree wet kitten food and give your new little kitten nutrition that performs. Made with high-quality protein sources, including real salmon and ocean fish Focused formula made specifically for kittens Helps support her developing immune system Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for growing kittens Delicious taste kittens love Classic texture draws kittens to the dish With DHA to nourish brain and vision development