Purina Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food; With Savory Chicken & Turkey - 12 lb. Bag

Satisfy your cat's cravings for gourmet meals with Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Dry Cat Food With Savory Chicken & Turkey. Crisp morsels, lightly cooked and basted, offer the crunchy texture to please her palate, and the savory combination of real chicken and turkey flavors delivers the exceptional taste cats love. Essential vitamins and minerals in every serving support your cat's overall health and wellness, so you can feel confident she's getting the perfect balance of taste and nutrition every time you fill her dish. With a high-quality recipe and delicious ingredients, this gourmet dry cat food lets you show your favorite feline just how important she is to you. She's sure to come running as she hears the crunchy bites hit her bowl, and you can rest easy knowing she's getting 100% complete and balanced nutrition backed by a brand you can trust. Indulge your cat's love of savory dry cat food with Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Dry Cat Food With Savory Chicken & Turkey. The crunchy texture entices her at mealtime, and the real poultry satisfies her taste buds. Each bite is lightly cooked and basted to perfection for delicious flavor, and the high-quality recipe is designed just for cats. This dry cat food is packaged in a peel-and-seal bag, making it easy to measure out the perfect portion for your feline and store the rest for later. To support her overall health, this formula provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition. For cats who crave a variety of flavors and textures, alternate feedings between this dry recipe and our line of Purina Fancy Feast gourmet wet varieties, including Fancy Feast Medleys, and give her more of the exceptional taste combinations she adores. At Purina, we know life is better with pets, and that's why we strive to make quality the #1 ingredient in everything we produce. For more than 90 years, we've made nutritious food for special pets our priority, with real high-quality ingredients that pets of all ages love. We craft this gourmet dry cat food in our U.S. facilities. Each batch is checked for quality and safety throughout the production process to give you added peace of mind, and we are committed to making products that meet or exceed industry standards for each and every wet and dry cat food within the Fancy Feast line. Your cat gets the scrumptious tastes she craves, and you get the comfort that comes from knowing your cat's meals are safe, delicious and nutritious. Fill her dish with Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Dry Cat Food With Savory Chicken & Turkey, and show her just how much you care about her health and happiness with every delectable bite. 100% complete and balanced adult cat nutrition Real poultry flavors she loves Provides essential vitamins and minerals to help support feline health Enchantingly shaped morsels Basted for crunch Produced using sustainable ingredients Crafted in U.S. facilities