McCormick Gourmet Roasted Ground Coriander, 1.25 oz

Coriander’s light, lemony notes are intensified when roasted and ground. Save yourself the trouble of home roasting and grinding the seeds and reach for McCormick Gourmet Organic Roasted Ground Coriander. We start with carefully selected coriander seeds which are certified Organic and non GMO. Warm, sweet and aromatic, roasted coriander gives Indian curries and Middle Eastern couscous authentic depth of flavor. Add to spice rubs as it brings out the savory juiciness of roasted meats. Coriander’s warm citrus notes add a uniquely spicy twist to baked goods – try in spice cookies and gingerbread. You’ll find coriander in spice blends around the world, including Egyptian dukkah, Indian garam masala, Moroccan harissa and Tex-Mex chili powder.