Prestone Ice Melt Jug

Melts 4 times more ice than rock salt (at 5 degrees F)! Nothing works faster or at lower temperatures. Works to -25 degrees. Other ice melters stop working at 20 degrees F. Driveway Heat Ice Melter still working at -25 degrees F. Kiss your ice goodbye. Nothing de-ices driveways, walkways and steps faster or at lower temperatures. Driveway Heat ice melter is formulated with the most effective de-icing ingredients available. It is a concentrate, not a blend of ineffective de-icers. This container melts more ice than 50 lbs of rock salt (at 5 degrees F). Don't be fooled by imitators - Driveway Heat ice melter is the concentrated real thing. How It Works: Driveway Heat ice melter produces an exothermic reaction as it works, giving off heat. The heat enables the product to work down to -25 degrees F. Other ice melters lose effectiveness at 20 degrees F. No Powdery Residue: Driveway Heat ice melter melts into a clear solution. Other de-icers, like rock salt, leave behind a white, powdery residue that can stain driveways, walkways and steps. This messy residue is often tracked into a home where it can leave unsightly stains on carpets and wood floors. Driveway Heat ice melter is the clear choice! Safer for Plants and Vegetation: When used as directed, Driveway Heat ice melter is safe for plants and vegetation. No de-icer is harmless if used in excess around plants and vegetation. Because Driveway Heat ice melter is concentrated, less product is required to melt ice, posing much less of a threat to your plants and vegetation. Made in USA.