Planters Seasonals Brittle Nut Medley

Planters Seasonal Dessert Mix Brittle Nut Medley puts smiles on faces throughout the winter season. The limited edition blend is a symphony of flavors, featuring honey roasted peanuts, yogurt-covered raisins, peanut brittle, pretzels and cashews. A hint of salt brings out the flavors, uniting the mix of sweet, nutty and crunchy tastes found in this 6 ounce pouch. The dessert mix is cholesterol-free and trans-fat free for a snack that the whole family can enjoy. The crunchy blend is made with kosher dairy ingredients, so everyone can savor the harmony of flavors this season. The sweet and salty mix is packaged in a resealable pouch, locking in freshness and offering a ready-to-eat treat in the car and on winter excursions.