Planters NUT-rition Chocolate Nut Protein Mix

NUT-rition Chocolate Nut Protein Mix features four delicious ingredients to help you power through your day. Combining honey roasted peanuts, granola protein clusters, dark chocolate covered soynuts and almonds, this trail mix offers you the perfect blend of sweet, salty and savor flavors along with that satisfying crunchy you love. The chocolate flavored trail mix provides you with a good source of three vitamins and minerals while offering a good source of fiber and 16 total grams of fat per bag, so your body feels its best. Pack a bag of trail mix in your lunch or gym tote to help energize your day. One bag of this dark chocolate coated trail mix contains 250 calories and 10 grams of protein, and its a great snack for those keeping Kosher. Snack size 1.72 oz. bags offer on-the-go convenience.