Patagonia Provisions Smoked Mussels, in Olive Oil + Broth

Organic. ES-ECO-022-GA EU-Agriculture. Patagonia Provisions Mussels: Our EU Organic Mussels are carefully smoked with Spanish bay wood and packed in organic olive oil and mussel broth. Delicious straight from the can, tapas-style-ideally with bread or crackers-or added for pasta, chowder or paella for a heariter meal. What Mussels? Cultivated in the calm, clear waters of Galicia, Spain, our Mediterranean Mussels are responsibly harvested from family-owned bateas, then promptly steamed smoked and sealed for freshest flavor. We're proud to support a model of ocean based aquaculture that's restorative - it improves water quality, creates habitat diversity and has a smaller carbon footprint than other animal proteins. Our EU Organic Mussels are a good source of protein, iron and vitamin B-12 and contain 460 mg of omega-3s per serving. More information inside. Certified B Corporation. Recycle; reuse. 1% for the Planet. FSC MIXTO. We're in business to save our home planet. Product of Spain.