Wiley Wallaby Licorice Candies, Assorted, Allsorts 8 Oz

Taste the Wiley difference. Real soft. Real chewy. Really delicious. No high fructose corn syrup. Classic licorice sweetness in every bite. Licorice lovers, rejoice! Wiley Wallaby Allsorts Classic Licorice Treats are such a delicious assortment of colors, shapes and textures, you need look no further for the satisfaction you crave. We packed them so full of flavor, there was less room left for the things you could do without. Fat free and absolutely no dairy or high fructose corn syrup makes Wiley Wallaby the candy your conscience feels better about, too. Win-win-win! After fifty years, KLN remains committed to our community roots and hometown values to bring you the best. Proud partner of Pinkyswear Foundation.