Hershey Chocolate With Almonds, Special Dark, Share Pack 10.1 Oz

Ready to take your snacking to the next level? If you're hoping for a sweet treat with a sophisticated touch, look no further than HERSHEY'S Special Dark Chocolate Nuggets with Almonds. These mildly sweet chocolate bars come in a stand-up share pack for a reason—you're sure to notice hungry glances at these delicious, individually wrapped nuggets the second their shiny golden wrapping makes an appearance. Not to worry—you'll find enough to share in this 10.1 ounce bag of kosher dark chocolate nuggets. In fact, you may even have some left for the season's hungriest ghosts and ghouls at Halloween parties and trick-or-treat events. For some extra nugget-related fun, toss a few of these special dark chocolate treats in the fridge or freezer to cool them down, or place them on top of your favorite fresh-baked cookies and brownies to warm them up. You choose the temperature, and we'll take care of the rest with some delicious HERSHEY'S Nuggets you won't want to say no to.