Twizzlers Twists, Strawberry, King Size 5 oz

"There ain't no party like a TWIZZLERS party!" Seriously though, TWIZZLERS Twists strawberry-flavored chewy candies are too fun not to enjoy at every movie marathon, birthday party and tailgate. With a bag of strawberry-flavored chewy candies ready for action, you'll never find yourself without a delicious shareable snack. Bite both ends of a TWIZZLERS Twists candy off to create a straw, then dip your straw into a cold glass of milk, a steaming hot chocolate or a frothy milkshake. If you're more into eating a couple of these chewy treats on their own, you'll be ready to go the second you open your bag. Keep your pantry stocked with kosher-certified, low-fat TWIZZLERS Twists candies, store some in your work desk, take a bag on a road trip and bring a pack to your next party gathering. These candies even make great treats for sharing and snacking throughout the holidays. Looking for an even greater adventure? For a unique twist on already fun TWIZZLERS candies, melt several white or milk chocolate bars and dip your goodies in the aftermath. Once that's done, cover each piece in sprinkles and let the new treats cool!