Kit Kat Crisp Wafers In Milk Chocolate, King Size 3 oz

Ready for a classic everyone hopes to find in the candy selection? This king size KIT KAT® candy bar is wrapped for optimal convenience, easy sharing and lasting freshness. Whether you gift one to friends, pass some out in the office or hold onto a few for snacking moments, you can expect a delicious treat. Throw a bar in your lunch box to treat yourself to a sweet dessert, or stock your home and office candy cabinets with an easily shareable snacking classic. Preparing for a specific occasion? Whether you need to put Easter baskets together, stuff Christmas stockings, fill Valentine's Day party favors, treat Halloween trick-or-treaters or just keep your everyday candy collection stocked throughout the year, KIT KAT® candy is the way to go. Getting ready for your next movie night? Add some crispy wafers coated in creamy milk chocolate for an extra special touch that satisfies the whole crowd. You can snack on this chocolate bar straight from the wrapper, chill it in the fridge for a cold treat or top your best baked goods with sections of it to show off your culinary genius. No matter what you decide, it's bound to be a delicious success!