Elizabeths Exceptional Pecan Brittle

A soft brittle. All natural ingredients. In 1981, Captain Bobby F. Bundy - U.S.N., established Cap'n Bundy's Pecan Farm in Turkey, NC. Capt'n Bundy's years of experience in growing quality NC pecans led to the processing company, B&B Pecan Processors of NC. B&B Pecans delivers quality pecans to various east coast retail outlets, fund raiser events, and major grocery chains. Our Elizabeth's Exceptional Pecan Brittle, a softer than usual brittle with a delicious buttery taste, is a popular product world wide. Along with Elizabeth's other products, you cannot go wrong by making one of these a holiday gift for you and your loved ones. www.elizabethspecans.com. Please visit our website at www.elizabethspecans.com or call toll free at 1.866.Eat.Pecans (1.866.328.7322).