Michael Seasons Curls, The Ultimate Cheddar Cheese

Crunchy. Made with real cheese! Outrageously satisfying flavor for cheese lovers! Cheese! It's always been America's favorite topping for snacks. Now Michael Season's invites you to indulge in his Ultimate Cheese Crunchy Curl. A cheddar cheese curl that is pure eating enjoyment. It all starts with our ultimate puffed corn, and while the puffs are still hot, we let loose an avalanche of real cheese! Glorious, creamy, tangy, incredible cheddar cheese - and that's what makes this the finest cheese puff you've ever tasted. We use less salt, too, so that the natural cheese flavor really comes through. The Ultimate Cheddar Cheese Curl, in the tradition of our new generation of healthier snacks, are made from only natural ingredients - no additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything. You'll know the difference from your first taste - our snacks are purely delicious!