Live Love Snack LOL's Potato Chips, Popped, Old School BBQ

All natural. Gluten free. With chia seeds. Live out loud. Thanks for checking us out! We make chips for you back-of-the-bag readers. Ready to be set free from greasy snacks and flavorless guilt-free alternatives? We're all about loud taste, lively crunch, and the vibrant world happening outside our bag. Inside the bag? Nothing but perfectly popped chips made with all-natural sprouted ingredients, ancient grains and chia. They're thin, nutritious, and outrageously delicious. Live Out Loud with a popped chip that's full of life - made for people who are too. Why we love chia: chia - it's not just for pets anymore. While the chia seed is most famous for growing grass-like hair on small ceramic animals, it is actually nature's complete superfood. Revered as a food of the gods by the Aztecs and Mayans, chia is the highest plant based source of omega 3s, dietary fiber and protein. Naturally gluten free and rich in antioxidants, this ancient grain is a modern-day nutritional powerhouse. All natural. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. Gluten free. No cholesterol. Visit for coupons, snack club information and more! Product of the USA.