Herdez Chicharrones, Original

Fried pork rinds. 0 g total carb per serving. See back panel for nutrition information. Mexico is a country of expression. Its identity is defined by color, art, culture and the flavors born in the heart of the countryside. Since 1914 the Herdez Brand has brought you authentic salsa, sauces and other products from the heart of La Madre Tierra. These are at the core of this traditional brand that prides itself in bringing the best products to your table. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. www.utzsnacks.com. Facebook: /herdeztraditions. Instagram: (at)herdeztraditions. Questions - Comments: 1-800-For-Snax. Try All Flavors: Chicharrones Original; Chicharrones Hot & Spicy; Chicharrones Chili & Lime. Try All of the Herdez Brand family selection of products! Find us at your favorite local supermarket. Bean Dip; Queso Blanco Dip; Salsa Casera.