Little Debbie Fruit Pies, Apple, Mini 8 Ea

Mckee: A family bakery. Fruit with Appeal: With over 7,000 varieties of apples, it comes as no surprise that they can be grown worldwide. However, a majority of those in Little Debbie Apple Pies, snack cakes and snack bars come from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. Wenatchee Valley is a picturesque location resting at the base of the Central Cascade mountains. Here the climate is ripe to produce a bounty of apple varieties. Happiness. History. Lore. Fruit pies. In history and lore, apples and good fortune are intertwined, and apples are considered a universal symbol for knowledge and happiness. They hold true to their symbolism of happiness by being an ingredient in one of summertime's staples - apple pie. Whether you prefer apple pie heated up and topped with ice cream or taken along on a road trip, there are many great ways to enjoy all that this diverse fruit has to offer. Please recycle this carton.