Manischewitz Passover Crackers Lightly Salted Tam Tams

Manischewitz® Passover Crackers Lightly Salted Tam Tams™. Quality since 1888. Kosher for passover. L' chaim! To life! Made with egg matzo. Low cholesterol. Low fat per serving. Healthy body. Healthy spirit. Over 120 years L'Chaim! For over 120 years Manischewitz® has been bringing you a variety of great tasting kosher food to enjoy all year round. We continue our commitment to deliver an assortment of foods that meet the highest quality of kosher standards. We would like you to try some of our other delicious food items that are available all year round: Matzo ball soup mix. Potato pancake mix. Whole grain noodles. Tam Tams™. All natural broths and soups. Since 1940 people have enjoyed the delicious flavor of our Tam Tam™ crackers. Their unique six-sided shape and crispy texture make them the perfect snack to be enjoyed straight out of the box or served with your favorite topping. Passover Tam Tam crackers conform to the requirements of passover dietary law by utilizing a special egg matzo formula of passover flour, eggs, and juice. Pareve, low fat and low cholesterol, these crackers will be a welcome addition at all of your gatherings with family and friends. Enjoy! This product is lactose free and vegetarian. Pas yisroel. Yoshon flour. Printed on recycled paperboard. For information, recipes and more, visit us at: This product is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling may have occurred during handling, but it contains the full weight.