Ritz Crackers, Baked With Whole Wheat, Fresh Stacks 8 ea

RITZ Fresh Stacks Whole Wheat Crackers are the classic RITZ crackers you love, now baked with the goodness of whole wheat. In addition to their rich, buttery flavor, these snack crackers pack five grams of whole wheat per 15 gram serving. Whether it’s a formal event or a gathering of friends, these whole wheat crackers are ideal for any occasion. RITZ salted crackers have a classic taste that pairs well with a variety of toppings, dips, cheeses and they're a great snack food on their own. Add this box of RITZ cracker packs to your shelf of salty snacks for a treat that is quick, convenient and portable. Each 11.6 ounce box contains eight stacks of RITZ Whole Grain Crackers. Fresh Stacks contain 13 crackers each and are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and flavor.