Skittles Candies, Bite Size, Original, Sharing Size 15.6 oz

The original rainbow you’ve been waiting to taste again! SKITTLES Original chewy candy welcomes back the popular citrus flavor, Lime. This shareable pouch of SKITTLES Original candy is packed with the classic, assorted candy flavors of strawberry, lemon, orange, grape and lime. This bite size chewy candy is deliciously sweet – great for game day treats, party favors, or for decorating your favorite baked goods recipe. The stand up pouch of SKITTLES Original chewy candy makes it easy to share with friends while playing the game, enjoying a movie night, or on a road trip. The resealable candy bag keeps in the sweet and fruity goodness and makes it easy to store in your pantry . You’ve waited so long and we want to "Apologize the Rainbow". Let’s celebrate the return of the lime SKITTLE! Order your share size bag of lime-filled SKITTLES Original chewy candy today and reintroduce your taste buds to the original taste of the rainbow.