Beer Nuts Peanuts, Original

Look inside! You may have won this limited edition beer nuts hat! The unique sweet & salty taste. Good times, great nuts. Partially produced with genetic engineering. The name alone provokes a smile and a good time. From your first handful of Beet Nuts Brand Snacks, you too will appreciate what makes our unique sweet and salty taste the passion of serious snackers everywhere. The most passionate of them all was Russell Shirk, the founder of the Beer Nuts family. He spent his days selling the nuts by the scoop at the family owned Caramel Crisps Shop, and his nights packaging them for local liquor stores in our hometown of Bloomington, Illinois. Because they were the perfect complement to a beer, Beer Nuts acquired its name in 1953 and quickly became the undisputed snack of choice in bars and taverns throughout America. Today, Beer Nuts Brand Snacks offers an irresistible variety of nuts and snack mixes - something for every nut lover for every nut-worthy occassion. Our original recipe remains exactly the same, as does our commitment to making the best quality products possible. So grab another handful, and have a good time while you enjoy great snacks. From our nut house to yours, we a to our Beer Nuts family. The Shirk Family. Low sodium. Gluten free. Product of U.S.A.