Lay's Air Pops Original Potato

Lay's Original Potato Air Pops. New! Full on taste 55% less fat than regular potato chips*. Air popped crisps. Satisfaction guaranteed or this snack's on us. Weekdays 9:00am to 4:30pm CST. Please provide product name, bag size, date price and numbers found below price for each package. How did we do it We started with all the mouthwatering goodness of Lay's brand flavor and air-popped it into these amazingly light-tasting crisps. Our Lay's Air Pops crisps have all the crunch and taste you've come to expect from us, with 100% taste and a whopping 55% less fat* than regular potato chips. So enjoy Lay's Air Pops crisps without losing the Lay's flavor you love. 55% less fat. Pop open Lay's Air Pops crisps and dive into full flavored light & airy taste! Questions or comments 1-800-352-4477. Visit our website @ 2013 Frito-Lay, North America, Inc.