Dare Breton Crackers Zesty Vegetable

Dare Breton Vivant Zesty Vegetable Crackers. New stay-fresh wrap. Rip-resistant: twist to store. Breton the original since 1982. For over 30 years, our light, crispy, wheat crackers have been a part of active lifestyles everywhere. Breton continues to be the choice for those who make the most of each and every day. Formerly vivant. You're going to need more Breton: You lead an active life. A life filled with variety. A life full of flavor. Now there's more Breton, and more Breton flavors, for you to enjoy. Vinta, Vinta squares, cabaret and vivant are now a part of the Breton family of wholesome crackers. Dare Breton, vinta. Dare Breton, vinta 8 grains & seeds. Dare Breton, original. Dare Breton, sesame. Dare Breton, vivant zesty vegetable. Dare Breton, cabaret crisp & buttery. More Breton for you. Peanut free. Trans fat per 18g serving 0g. Questions or comments 1-800-668-3273, darefoods.com. 2013, registered trademark/TM trademark of Dare Foods.