Cheez-It Crackers Baked Snack Cheese Crackers,Extra Toasty

Turn snack time into an event with Cheez-It Extra Toasty baked snack crackers - the number one requested Cheez-Itflavor. Every single cracker has been baked to crisp, toasty perfection for an added snap with each bite. Cheez-It Extra Toasty baked snack crackers are made with 100% real cheesethat's been perfectly aged for a bold, deliciousflavor. Cheez-It crackers are perfect for game time, party spreads, school lunches, BBQs, after-school snacks, snacks at the office, late-night snacking and more - the cheesy options are endless. Ideal for on the go too, Cheez-It crackers are great to bring along on field trips, camping, hiking, trips to the park, picnics, outdoor concerts, everyday errands, and more. The antidote to flavorless crackers, Cheez-It Extra Toasty baked snack crackers are packed with irresistible cheesy flavor and are a great addition to homemade snack mixes and party mixes. You'll love the one-of-a-kind flavor of real cheese in every tasty handful.Light and crispy bite-sized snack crackersmade with real cheese, a dusting of salt, and an irresistible extra toasty flavorOur cheesy baked crackers are packed for convenience and make a delicious anytime snackMade with 100% real cheese aged for a bold taste; A classic, family-favorite snack thats perfect for kids and adultsConvenient caddy box for grab-and-go snacking;Individually wrapped; Stock your home pantry, storefor treats at school, in lunchboxes or tote bags for anytime snackingIncludes 1, 12-ounce caddy box of 12, 1-ounce pouches of ready-to-eat snack crackers; Packaged for freshness and great taste