Lay's® Wavy Mango Salsa Potato Chips 9.5 oz. Bag

The Lay's Do Us A Flavor contest lets America choose the next great flavor of LAY'S Potato Chips. Presenting one of your four yummy finalists: LAY'S Wavy Mango Salsa Potato Chips. A big hit of tangy mango backed up with a hint of pineapple, onion and just a little spice and smoky character of chipotle. Hurry before it's gone! 9.5 oz Bag Limited Edition Finalist Flavor Lay's Wavy Potato Chips Flavored with a Big Hit of Tangy Mango Backed Up with a Hint of Pineapple, Onion and Just a Little Spice and Smoky Character of Chipotle Vote to Save Your Fave at