Browns Bird Lover's Blend Wildlife Buffet, Nature's Harvest

Preferred by critter watching enthusiasts everywhere! A natural blend of alfalfa tidbits, peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, whole oats & whole kernel corn. We created Bird Lover's Blend for the experienced hobbyist, as well as the novice. This special blend is designed to attract the a wide variety of wildlife because it's filled with the food they love. by providing wildlife their own special food source, you'll help them stay away from your wild bird feeders. The experience of five generations has helped Brown's family develops this product. We believe it will help make both your wildlife and bird feeding experience more enjoyable. Nature's Harvest is blended with gourmet ingredients to attract the greatest variety of wildlife such as squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, turkeys, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, and deer. Our pure alfalfa tidbits are enjoyed by all wildlife. Our cooked soybeans, peanuts, and black oil sunflower seeds provide high protein, energy and fat they need to survive in the outdoors. The corn, oats, millet and milo provide needed carbohydrates for energy. No artificial fillets, supplements, or coloring are added. guaranteeing a natural product that animals prefer. Why feed wildlife? Sometimes wildlife can be a frustrating part of backyard bird feeding and you must establish methods that best deal with them. You will find they can be as enjoyable as the wild birds. Their energy and crazy antics will give you and your family a daily dose of fun and excitement. Most wildlife do not hibernate and feeding should continue year-round. It you can't beat'em, train'em! A wildlife feeding station will help entice wildlife away from the bird feeders, plants, flowers and shrubs. Offer them Wildlife Buffet, they'll love it more than birdseed. Made in U.S.A.