Brown's Song Blend Premium Gourmet Cracked Corn Wild Bird Food 4 lb

Wild birds will sing a happy tune! Highly prized by cardinals, woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches, juncos, buntings and sparrows. It’s better for birds! Each kernel is uniformly cracked into just-the-right-size pieces for easy eating. Our super cleaning process removes unwanted dust & debris. Gourmet! Cracked Corn: Our Gourmet Cracked Corn is not your ordinary cracked corn. Our select all-natural corn is cracked to just-the-right-size, making it easy to eat for wild birds. These consistently sized pieces are a prized source of essential energy and protein gained from starch and oils. Our five-step, super cleaning process removes the fines, dust and dirt before packaging. This creates a most desirable, healthy, beneficial and economical food you can add to your feeding program. It's a real lifesaver during times of stress. Cardinals, Jays, woodpeckers, buntings, juncos, sparrows and nuthatches simply love it. This is a natural source of essential vitamins A & C that help your backyard birds flourish. It's a great decoy. Providing a separate feeder of cracked corn will attract starlings and blackbirds, as well as, squirrels and chipmunks, when placed away from the main feeding station. Provide Song Blend Premium Wild Bird products and watch your backyard wild birds sing a happy tune! That’s because brown’s is better! After carefully choosing only the best ingredients, our unique Five Stage Cleaning Process removes unwanted foreign matter to provide the cleanest, most nutritionally healthy product available. Our packed-fresh packaging process and barrier bags then protect long-term freshness and product quality. Whether you are a novice or an avid hobbyist, you'll find song Blend products will help to make your wild bird feeding experience rewarding and fun! Brown’s Story: Built in 1843 and regulated as a National Historic Landmark. Brown’s water-powered grist mill stands on Monocacy Crock is Pennsylvania. The old grist mill remalas as solid as the day George Browns debit it six generation ago. It functions as a constant reminder of the strength, tradition, and integrity on which our company was built. Over 170 years later. Brown’s has become a national leader in animal nutrition products. The foundation of the past and the ideas of the present have blended into what we know as Brown’s today. From our family to yours! Gourmet cracked corn is available in these sizes: 3, 4, 10, 25 & 50 pounds. When it’s more than just a hobby! Consumer help line: 1-800-334-8816. Click, our pet mouse, says visit Brown’s website at - Wild Bird Feeding Industry: Promoting Responsible Feeding Since 1984. Made in USA.