Hartz Crunch 'N Clean Mini Bites Dog Treats, Bacon Flavor

Only 13 calories per treat. Mini treat - big flavor! With Denta Shield reduces tartar formation. Crunchy inside! The only treats with Denta Shield. Proven to reduce new tartar formation. Real cheese and bacon flavored treats with only 13 calories each. Perfect for training or a quick little treat! Did you know? Dogs suffer from tartar, gum disease and tooth loss just like we do. Infections start in the gums and can spread throughout the body, so it's important to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy. How does DentaShield work? The crunching action helps clean teeth & remove tartar; DentaShield blocks new tartar formation by bonding with components in your dog's saliva; leaving your dog with cleaner teeth, longer. Vet formulated - Dr. Melinda DVM Ph.D., employee of The Hartz Mountain Corporation, aided in the development of Crunch 'N Clean. Made in the USA.