Purina Dog Chow Active Senior 7+ Dog Food 16.5 lb. Bag

Complete & balanced for adult dogs, soft & crunchy bites. Total Care Nutrition: 100% of the essential nutrients and glucosamine to support a healthy, active life; Protein-rich nutrition to help maintain lean muscles; 23 vitamins & minerals including antioxidants to help support everyday vitality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Your pet, our passion. Total Care Nutrition: Your dog has been an important member of your family for many years. That's why providing him with specialized nutrition made especially for his mature dog nutritional needs is essential to helping him be his best. Because when he's at his best, it shows - in his personality, in his play, in the way he interacts with the whole family. Total Care Ingredients: Formulated for your mature dog with high quality ingredients that provide a high level of protein, antioxidants, and natural sources of glucosamine. Total Care Benefits: Supports: everyday vitality; immune health; healthy bones & joints. Total Care Excitement: Every bowl contains easy-to-chew soft and crunchy bites to keep your dog happy and satisfied day after day. Meet Skipper: Bob, Processing Team Leader at Nestle Purina PetCare, Davenport, IA. Skipper is truly a special dog. In his seven years, he has won blue ribbons for obedience in our local county fair, been the first mate on our family kayaking trips and he even loves to sing happy birthday to family and friends on their special day. Skipper brings so much joy to our family-whether it's his tail-wagging greetings at the door or how he curls up with my wife and kids when they are under the weather. He loves to bring a smile to everyone's face. Learn more about his family at www.DogChow.com. Total Care Nutrition for Each Life Stage: puppy; adult; senior. Total Care Nutrition: Satisfaction guaranteed. Complete satisfaction, or your money back. If you are not completely satisfied with Purina Active Senior 7+ Brand Adult Dog Food, we will refund your purchase price. Cut out the Best if Used By date box and the weight circle from this bag. Send within 60 days of date on receipt along with your original purchase receipt with the price circled, a brief explanation of why you were dissatisfied with the product, and your name and street address (PO Box not accepted) to Satisfaction Guarantee, PO Box 1326, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703. Offer good only in USA, APO's and FPO's. Purina: Your pet, our passion: At Purina we're unconditionally devoted to pets. We've dedicated over 80 years to developing high-quality products that satisfy the needs of dogs and cats. To find out how we can help you provide a long, happy and healthy life for your pet, Ask Purina at Purina.com. Questions or comments? Visit us on-line or save this package and call 1-800-7PURINA (1-800-778-7462). Monday - Friday, 7am to 7 pm CT. Your dog is a special part of your family. That's why it's important to us that we work together to help support his long healthy life. The Purina Life Plan: An unprecedented fourteen-year study by Purina prove that you can help extend your dog's healthy years by feeding to his ideal body condition throughout his life. Use the Recommended Feeding Amounts as shown no the side panel. www.DogChow.com. Feed to Ideal Body Condition: Too Thin: Ribs are highly visible. Increase the amount you are feeding. After 2 or 3 weeks, compare again. Adjust until dog exhibits ideal body condition. Ideal: Can feel outline of ribs. Dog has a waist when viewed from above. Belly is tucked up when viewed from the side. Maintain current feeding regimen. Too Heavy: Dog has no waist when viewed from above. Belly is rounded when viewed from the side. Decrease amount you are feeding. After 2 or 3 weeks, compare again. Adjust as necessary. Facebook: Be sure to check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dogchow. Helping your dog be his best every day starts with high quality nutrition. So of course, that's what we provide. Purina Active Senior 7+ is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult dogs.