FANCY FEAST Purely Filets Cat Food, Tuna, Wet, Adult

Serve up the seafood flavor your cat loves with Purina Fancy Feast Purely Filets Natural Tuna adult wet cat food complement. This delicious complement features all-natural tuna, prepared without by-products or artificial preservatives for a high-quality addition to your cat's food you can both feel good about. Each tender filet delivers an enticing texture that's sure to keep her coming back for more, and the delicious taste invites her to finish every bite. Rest easy knowing she's getting a handcrafted cat food complement made with real, carefully selected ingredients, and watch as she revels in the savory flavor that makes this complement so irresistible. Serve each tuna filet whole, flaked or as a tasty topper with her regular wet or dry cat food. She gets a 100% natural tuna filet, and you get the satisfaction that comes with giving her a nourishing snack option.