FANCY FEAST Medleys Cat Food, Fish, Wet, Adult

Give your beloved cat a fine dining experience with Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Tuna & Shrimp Recipe wet cat food. Accents of wild rice give this gourmet cat food an artful presentation to keep your favorite feline engaged during feedings, and the mouthwatering bites of tuna and shrimp give her the seafood flavor she longs for. A savory gravy adds a delicious finishing touch, and the tender texture is sure to please your cat's palate. With high-quality ingredients and an expertly designed recipe, this gourmet wet cat food provides a nutritious and delicious way for your cat to start her day. Watch her revel in the gourmet recipe, and rest easy knowing she's getting the essential vitamins and minerals she needs to take on new adventures every day. For cats who love a range of different flavor combinations, be sure to try our other Fancy Feast Medleys recipes.